NEWLynn McKeever has been practicing law in New Mexico since 1984, focusing on wills, trusts and estates and utilizing New Mexico LLCs as family holding companies.  Before becoming a lawyer and from time to time while she has been practicing, Lynn worked as a journalist.  Communicating news and information have always been the tasks that Lynn loves best.  She enjoys thoughtful conversation and fosters a problem-solving approach among her clients and colleagues.  


The Armchair Lawyer began as a newsletter in the late 1980s and has matured into a blog that includes essays in the challenges of professionalism in general and legal professionalism in particular. Some of the entries were first printed in that early newsletter.  In 2014, she inaugurated a journal at caringbridge.org when she underwent brain surgery. Some of the entries are exported from that journal.  Everything dated after September 1, 2015 was originally written for you, the online audience for this blog.